“Dr. Venkat is a compassionate, skillful, knowledgeable doctor with many years of experience in both veterinary medicine, research and teaching.

We worked alongside for several years at a very busy clinic in the Bay area. His demeanor has always been calm and respectful towards the clients, patients and team.

Dr. Venkat’s mobile van, a beautiful, brand new, fully equipped mobile clinic with a dental suite, digital radiographs, preventative care services and so much more is a great service to owners and their beloved pets. It is also very affordable.

Skip the stress of going to the clinic, placing your cat in a carrier (and cleaning the carrier and the cat after), moving your elderly arthritic dog into the car and along slippery clinic floors. Avoid lines and wait time.

Having the Vet come to your home reduces anxiety for you and your pet and saves you precious time to bond with your pet at the comfort of your home.

Indeed a great service to have.”

– Inna Magner DVM, CVA

“We had our first visit with Dr. Venkat just before Thanksgiving for our five month old Yorkie puppy, Bentley. Dr. Venkat was kind, courteous, professional, and very knowledgeable! We loved the fact that Dr. Venkat came to us in a complete mobile veterinary clinic! It took a lot of the anxiety out of “taking the pet to the vet”. Dr. Venkat was patient and thorough, going through all of Bentley’s medical history, so we could ensure he was getting all of the required immunizations, etc. His mobile clinic was clean and organized, and we felt comfortable being able to watch and be involved in all aspects of the visit. We liked the convenience of the rolling pharmacy, too, as Bentley needed a few things. Also, the rates were much lower than we expected – his prices are very competitive! After our visit with Dr. Venkat, he followed up to check in with us to see how Bentley was doing, and continues to give us updates on his search for all-organic vitamins, since we are going to switch Bentley over to home cooked, organic meals. Overall, the experience was extremely positive, it exceeded our expectations, and we would highly recommend Dr. Venkat and Sai Mobile Veterinary Clinic to anyone with pets in the Tri-Valley area!”
-Adam and Lilliana of San Ramon, CA

“Dr. Venkat has been amazing with our 15 yr old British Pointer, Spotty, who suffers from arthritis and other ailments common to aging canines. Spotty has been very un-trusting with other vets and usually doesn’t like to be touched. But with Dr. Venkat’s caring and gentle approach, Spotty allows him to check tender areas and examine him like no other vet before. Dr. Venkat has always been there for Spotty when we need him. He is very punctual, patient, gentle and caring. His knowledge and throughness have helped us get to the bottom of some issues and we would recommend his services to any pet owner in need

Mike & Ana Antonelli of San Ramon, CA

“I was very fortunate to find a mobile vet, really thought that will be impossible. Dr. Venkat was so kind, he took care of both my dogs, prescriptions worked perfectly. He was a great help.”
Lorna Duprey of San Leandro, CA